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    What is Content Marketing? How it is important for your business?

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    Content marketing is an intense marketing strategy that focuses on creating and delivering useful, appropriate and reliable content to draw and maintain a precisely identified audience and eventually drive profitable customer activity. Instead of focusing on sales, it helps clients and prospects with genuinely important and valuable content to overcome their problems. You can lead the market by producing interesting and meaningful content that reaches the heart of your audience. It intends that you're establishing confidence in your audience.

    The content is a King. Data indicates that the more content your customer enjoys, the more likely they intend to buy from you. According to the report, websites that generate daily content receive 8x more traffic. Investing in content development helps you meet and go beyond your market targets by enhancing your web visibility, organic traffic levels, and bottom-line estimates. It's not enough to merely create content, instead, you need to create content that is valuable for your audience to win their trust.

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    Benefits of Content Marketing

    Boost SEO Traffic

    Boost SEO Traffic

    Anyone who knows about inbound marketing knows that you can't win SEO without a deadly content plan. Efficient content generation is the core component of organic search and the fastest way to generate more web traffic. Generate high-quality content that can enthuse the audience and reward you with higher rankings on SERPs.

    Establish EAT

    Establish EAT

    Google explains what it needs to see from websites in a single neat abbreviation: E-A-T, or Expertise, Authority, Trust. The establishment of these values is one of the advantages of content marketing. If you want to be a leading voice on a reputable business platform, your content on the website should be a credible and high-level source of knowledge.

    Increase Awareness

    Increase Awareness

    When you publish content on your website, the audience develops an interest to acquire knowledge about your business. When anyone comes across your content link in the SERPs, through an industry resource, or a friend's link, engagement increases. If they find the content useful, they share it, and this is how your brand reaches a maximum audience.

    Shine Your Brand Personality

    Shine Your Brand Personality

    The first aspect any branding specialist instructs you is that a brand is a lot more than a logo and a color palette. Effective brands have deep foundations in their beliefs. With the help of content marketing, customers create a complete picture of who you are, what inspires them, your promise to the client, and your values.

    Types of Content Marketing

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    Blog Content

    We know that companies that use blogs earn 97% more connections to their websites. Blogging can also be incredibly cost-effective for small businesses on a tight budget. Blog posts are more efficient when used exclusively for better results, like most forms of content marketing. Add real influence over and above what many generic blogs are selling.

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    "Out of the many multiple ways of content marketing, infographics are one that can really set a huge curve for digital marketers. It's amazing to know that a good infographic can get exposure in the form of shares and inbound links. But selecting the right time and right graphics will render this content style a sublime one.

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    Video Content

    Video content is always trendy and in-demand among many consumers. Although many tend to prefer written content, those who want video invest a high amount to get tremendous ROI. A well-designed video shows a whole different face of your business and can deliver you a better way to bring high volume engagement and high conversion.

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    Social Media Content

    Of the many types of content marketing, social media follows a completely different set of algorithms that are set by itself. Unlike the other digital marketing content mentioned above, social media marketing is all about getting people to look and respond directly. You need to develop an engagement that is visible.

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    Web Content

    The website content refers to textual, audio, or visual content published on the website. Content means any creative aspect, such as text, applications, images, data, e-services, audio, and video files. Making content appealing and sorting it into different categories for quick navigation is the most important thing for a good website.


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    Our Process

    • Content Marketing Strategy

      Content Marketing Strategy

      The first step of our content marketing is to build a creative content plan. We will study the buyer's persona and discover more about your customers. We will also conduct keyword testing to ensure that your content is significant to your target audience. We also ensure that content must reach out to your prospective audiences.

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    • Content Marketing Development

      Content Marketing Development

      Our content marketing department delivers reliable and high-quality professional content, edited, and released internally for your company. The content we curate will be exclusive to your company and will be featured on your website. All content on your website must be published on a WordPress blog or similar blogging CMS.

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    • Content Marketing Distribution

      Content Marketing Distribution

      Our content marketing services also include automatic distribution of content to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram. For more healthy content promotion and distribution, we recommend a combination of our social media management services, social media advertising services. It will help you build an audience to promote your content through different mediums.

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    • Content Marketing Reporting

      Content Marketing Reporting

      Every month, our agency will submit content marketing reports to break down the success of our services. The key indicators we work for: 1) to improve traffic on the website and 2) time-on-site for each potential customer. We'll evaluate some efficiency metrics like investment return (ROI) and conversion rate.

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    Why RaSu Creatives to Manage Content Marketing

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    End-to-End Content Solution

    Our team of content marketing strategists creates end-to-end content marketing metrics. It typically involves the entire content process and deploying the best tools and resources to do so. The material journey follows the following formula: to schedule a content calendar for at least six months. We generate relevant content for both, original and curated.

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    Optimizing Marketing Cost

    Content marketing is perhaps the most critical aspect of the digital marketing strategy: it aims to boost the brand effort to enhance trust. It is cost-effective and charges up to 62% less than conventional marketing campaigns. We design content marketing strategies that bring high engagement rates at minimum cost indulgent with optimized marketing costs.

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    We Use White Hat Technique

    While you need to be vigilant to see results, White-hat SEO is sustainable and builds real goodwill about your company. Our team of content marketing specialists develops white-hat strategies for your business to avoid any risk if the site bumped down in search results or if there is a new algorithm update.

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    We Tailor Customized SEO Packages

    If you're searching for a way to develop your company, content marketing with rich-SEO is a great way to help. The right SEO package helps you boost your site ranking and obtain more useful leads for your company. We are a full-service digital marketing organization specialized in personalized SEO promotions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There's only a one-time setup fee for the campaign to get set up and run. We will set you up with our search engine frameworks, analytical systems, and other administrative duties.

    Some small companies post blogs weekly. The number of content or blogs published depends on each company. The goal of content marketing is to increase visibility, interaction, and website traffic. The more content you make, the more chances you have to rank-up in SERPs. Such small companies are producing content on a regular basis, while others do weekly or monthly publishing.

    First, we will learn about your potential audience and content likings through the questionnaire. It will help us develop a strategy specifying the content marketing approach. With this approach, we will start generating content for your business. You will have an opportunity to assess all content before we proceed with publishing.

    No, you don't have to provide content for your blogs. In case you have material we are happy to use it. Our content marketing specialists generate unique content that fits your business.

    You will only have ownership of your account.

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