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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing tactic that focuses on developing and delivering useful, appropriate and reliable content to attract and maintain a clearly identified audience and, eventually, drive profitable consumer action. In easy words, marketing through distributing valuable and relevant content to retain a relevant and consistent audience is called Content Marketing.

Through content marketing, organizations and businesses can drive profitable consumer actions like subscriptions, purchases or consumer retention instead of pitching for your products, or services. This type of marketing method allows you to give your genuinely meaningful and valuable content to your prospects and customer to support them unlock their obstacles.

Marketing is almost impossible without generating any kind of content. All the communication that goes out for business promotions or customer acquisition is ultimately content. Content marketing includes a variety of content. Quality content is a part of marketing that includes social media posts, advertisements, blogs, website, PR, SEO, inbound marketing, images and illustrations.

Why Content Marketing is Important for your Business?

Have you ever heard the term, Content is King! Content is the present and the future of marketing for any type of business. Content marketing is a cheap alternative to traditional forms of marketing. If done right, it can ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action like buy a product or subscribe to a service. Every human being consumes the content in different ways like text, audio, video, images, and illustrations. Any business will try to communicate with their consumer base. The business will deliver customers the content in form of newsletters, posts, brochures, and other similar marketing materials.

Most of the time, the content marketing strategy will only work if the material is relevant and valuable to consumers. If it is not relevant or poorly designed, it will lead to failure to convert or retain a buyer. Even though content marketing takes a lot of effort and is time-consuming, it’s results are very profitable. Great content provides a better experience for consumers. It creates a positive impact on a brand in terms of perception and bottom line. In the long run, Content marketing is the only way to find new customers, acquire them, and retain the existing ones with limited cost.

Get Traffic

For a business, content marketing can do wonders if generated with SEO-optimization. It helps you get more traffic with organic search engine results when searched with relevant and unique keywords

Improve Reach

Content marketing gives you visibility on the search engine result if you have SEO-optimized content on your website. It helps in increasing reach by providing useful and actionable content.

Cost Effective

Content marketing is easy, to begin with, popular with customers, and an effective medium to drive traffic. It reduces the cost that marketers invest in the other marketing method leads to better conversion rates.

Improve ROI

The effective use of the content marketing strategy can result in astounding ROI. Content marketing doesn't ask for too much cost but results in excellent outcomes that help generate better leads at low-cost.

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RaSu Creatives Content Marketing Services

Web Content

Any content placed on a website that provides information is web content. There are more than 2 billion websites in the world, but less than 400 million are active. Out of those 400 million, very few websites can make an impact on their targeted potential audience. It is because they don't have great content. Web content is of two types, text and multimedia that includes animation, images, audio, and video.

Web content management is quintessential to run a website. Web Content is effective content marketing as it creates the building block of any website. Content Marketing Strategy, when aligned with web content, reaps better benefits. We curate the content that is easy to engage with and generate traffic organically. Our team of experts design custom content that follows search engine optimization standards. RaSu Creatives gives you 24/7 access to the real-time performance of your web content.

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Product Description

E-commerce is considered to be the fastest-growing industry. Generally used in the E-Commerce and B2B industry, the product description is a marketing copy to make potential consumers understand the value proposition in a written format. When you use the language appealing to your clients, it should be consistent with one style, and quality of your products. If SEO is done right, the sales through product descriptions can increase to more than 100%.

The fastest way to get personalized product descriptions made for your online or e-commerce business is through our product description services team. Get an optimized (SEO-friendly) outline of the product so it is ready to rank and drive traffic to your web! In order to pull in more traffic and sales, our professional team of product description writers will produce engaging and informative copies resonating with your content marketing strategy keeping your business values at first.

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The blog is an integral part of a content marketing strategy. More than 3x times of leads are generated through blogs than through advertisements. Blogs give detailed information about a topic and capture the interest of the target audience. Blogging provides 4x the likelihood of being found in organic search. Blogs magnify your brands as chances of getting found on search engines increases. Blogging gains trust improves SEO, builds links, and converts engaging audiences organically.

Our blog writers will help you lay the initial groundwork and send your clients some posts to read and get to know you. Get your blog posts 100% tailored with plenty of keywords backing every post results in bumping in organic search rankings to reach out to your unique audience. Our specialists get all this done for you. We make results more trustworthy, more authentic, with more engagement, and more conversational.

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Press Release

Press Release traditionally gives out information to the masses about something, gaining their attention so that the story spreads like wildfire. Press releases are used as an effective content marketing strategy. Press Release as a form of content marketing channel can expand the marketing reach exponentially. When a story gets picked up by news outlets, it gets more eyes and powerful backlinks. Press releases can educate your readers, drive website traffic, provide content variety, boost SEO, and generate publicity.

RaSu Creatives curates a full-cycle press release writing company to help you build a feature story. With our content marketing, you can announce your involvement in business activities, the launch of new products and services, staff promotions, sales milestones, awards, and recognitions, etc. We also offer SEO press release delivery services. For detailed coverage, we schedule a thorough personal discussion with you, along with an extensive study of your business, company, goods, services, or solutions.

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Copywriting is assessing content marketing, especially if you have tangible business goals like traffic or lead generation. A copywriter creates content for marketing requirements leads to traffic, and customer retention. Be it any exciting blog post, advertising, or marketing material, a copywriter writes with an agenda to persuade the audience to take a particular action. Most of the time the reach is just not enough. The copy of the content matters the most to drive a successful content marketing strategy.

RaSu Creatives provide copywriting services for all types of media, including blogs, brochures, direct mail, and other marketing materials. You can always count on us, whether you are searching for a web copywriting service or need to build a professional copy for offline marketing. A RaSu Creatives copywriter will provide your medium with customer oriented content, targeting the psychology of your customers and giving them the answers to all their queries.

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Social Media Content

Now, social media is an essential part of content marketing with over 2 billion users. Social media uses various types of elements like pictures, illustrations, video, and storytelling. Planning and executing content for social media is not as easy as it sounds. Business objectives may act to increase revenue and expand. Social media content alignment is necessary to build awareness and drive product demand through relevant audiences by promoting content on social channels.

We know the value of an influential social media presence. That's why we help our clients create and optimize content across all social channels. We work with you to understand the ins and outs of your businesses, goals, and target audience. Then we use that knowledge to create content marketing campaigns and strategy with the content that will support them. Our social media content services team will model ways and curate the best practices personalized for your brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Content marketing serves a variety of purposes. It depends upon your priorities and the type of content you want to improve your brand image and identity. Primarily, content marketing will increase the popularity of your brand if your content has an informative aspect. It helps your business turns out to be more engaging with the target audience, generate website traffic, and drive sales.

Content marketing is not a one day match. It takes typically 6-9 months to generate productive results for your business. You need to invest time and effort in promoting your content across all the available and effective platforms like social media. More content input will surely give you fast and quick responsive results.

Our team of content specialists conduct a 360-degree study on your business and do data analytics of your business's past performances. After this, we start to strategizing our digital marketing tactics to deliver you the best-tailored marketing services.

We plan our strategies in a client-centric way. We prioritize your requirement for the content you want for your business website. Concerning your primary needs, we develop SEO-rich content that makes your website rank visible on the search engine results.

No, there's no set-up fee for the content marketing services that we provide.

While investing in content marketing strategy, it is always important to monitor the outcomes and ascertain your return on investment (ROI). Your aim should define the metrics you will pursue to assess the result. For example: If you want to grow your brand awareness, you'll monitor or track website traffic, social media share, and its bounce rate, and if you want to generate leads, you'll track conversion rates, the number of leads, and an average time to close.

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