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What is Video Production?

When we talk about video production, it is about the process of creating a video. Video production service plays an integral part of every business journey to attract more eyes towards its products and services. Videos bring versatile and quality engagement to your visual content. The format is considered to be the easiest way to share across multiple platforms.

A video can be a full-length movie, short-film, documentary, business marketing video, interview, television ads, or music video. The production is a broad term that may vary with the specifics. Video production starts from idea formation, scripting, and ends at the final presentation of a video. Video content is available through the internet easily.

With the video content, you can get on the second largest search engine in the world. Over a billion users watch more than 250 million hours of video each day. It's where your potential buyers start to build interest in their desired product. Video is a worthwhile experience than intensive reading. It makes it easier for the audience to absorb the message effectively.

Why Video Production is Important for your Business?

In this uber-trendy era, your business must have the power of videos on your business website. Nevertheless, this was the year of a full-scale video revolution for marketers. According to reports, more than half of the business world has started video content marketing. They find that video marketing is a better and essential component of their approach. Video help accelerates and reaches new heights quicker than any other method. Videos may also directly contribute to sales. 74% of people who watched a video about a product make it to purchase later.

Videos bring attention and engagement to your website content. Therefore, long exposure builds trust and generates signals that your website is suitable for search engines. Reportedly, you would appear first on Google if you embed a video on your website. Over 83% of the companies say that video offers a strong return on investment. Even though making videos is not yet the easiest or cheapest task, but it still pays off. Moreover, online video editing and smartphones' tools continue to be enhanced and accessible; their functions are still minimal and ready to use.

Influence Buying Decision

Over 55% of consumers persuade their buying decisions after watching an ad video. Videos leave a long-lasting impact on the viewer that influences them to make purchase decisions.

Rank Higher in Search

Videos draw more attention and longer watch time to a page. If you upload a video on YouTube and embed the video code to your website will build visibility and improve your rank on the search engine result.

Bump up Revenue

89% of video marketers say that video gives them a good ROI. Videos are the most engaging content of your website. It helps increase traffic to their websites, leads to more engagement, and hence result in more sales.

Increase Conversions

83% of video marketers claim that video helps them with lead generation that gives a better conversion rate. Video influences a customer to persuade the sales funnel to its finishing point by making purchasing decisions.

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RaSu Creatives Video Production Services

Corporate Video

A corporate video is a term for internal or external corporate communications. A corporate video is made for a business purpose. It is created to promote and raise awareness about the company's services and products. Corporate videos are intended to create an exciting approach to deliver the message; otherwise, long texts, boring graphs make it exhausting for the user to go through all of it. So, it is better to deliver your information through speech or presentation as video content.

We at RaSu Creatives design corporate videos for you to deliver your brand message. Our video production team helps you create video content for every stage of your sales funnel and corporate communications. We make corporate videos that help you sell products, communicate, and educate your value statement. We design the video in a way that reaches your captivated audience. We specialize in making corporate videos that are interactive, unique, and value-added. We provide you with cutting-edge corporate video solutions.

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Explainer Video

The explainer video is a term that refers to detailing the audience about your products and services. This video type shows how your company works and how your products and services are beneficial for your consumers. These videos are short-length marketing videos. Explainer videos are commonly placed on the home page, any particular product page, or on a landing page. This category of video content is becoming extremely popular among all marketers. It is reported that after adding an explainer video to the website, the engagement increases by 144%.

We design an explainer video, keeping in mind the objective of the company. It should explain about company services and raise awareness and our teamwork upon this at its excellence. With the utmost creativity, we design a video that explains your products and services. Our creativity makes your brand understandable to the audience and this will hence turn them into potential buyers. So keep us in mind while you need the best!

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Brand Film

The brand film is a method of marketing through which you make your customer hear about your business. The brand film brings information about your products and services. It is a way to express your brand in terms of products to your customers. It tells your customers about your brand's behavior. Brand films are designed to create awareness about your brand and its existence in the market. Brand Ad Films are created for B2C purposes.

RaSu Creatives has a team of video experts who design a brand film that shows your brand personality. Our team designs a brand film that creates awareness about your brand in the market. We design to present your business existence in the market. This makes your engagement with the customer 111% higher. This allows you to interact with the audience on a large scale. And We Make it Possible for You!

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Motion Graphic

Motion graphics is an illusionary way that creates communication with the viewer. It adds depth to the whole story. With a touch of music and effects, it gives soul to a still image. Motion graphics are slightly different from the animation that includes text and image. Motion graphics are used in delivering stories through ads, creating awareness about your business with absorbing elements added like, animation and motion to bring call and engagement to your website.

Our video production team is extremely proficient when it comes to motion graphics. Our team can create motion graphics to deliver the most engaging stories of your brand. Our creative team designs a video that builds awareness about a brand with animation and motion added to it. We make it easier for you to attract your audience with a unique style of graphic addition. We make your brand follow the uber-trend and make your website fascinating and interactive, leaving a lasting impression on the user.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Video marketing is a forward-looking marketing approach that combines video engagement with your marketing strategies. Video marketing results in the engagement curve and generates conversion rates for your business. It leads to successful and smart marketing tactics.

Video is easy to share content on any platform and device. You can upload your video on YouTube, which is the second-largest search engine after Google. There are several video-sharing platforms available where you can upload your video. It leads to more engagement, social shares, and a high conversion rate.

Yes, you're are the only owner of your video content, not we. Our role is to provide you with a quality video, and we are 24*7 available to support you.

It depends upon the duration and concept of the video that you want for your video. To know more detail, contact us.

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