What is Logo Designing?

How it is Important for your Business?

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Logos are indeed a conceptual graphic design feature that reflects the company, product, or service. Logos entice curiosity, make a favorable first impression. It is the pillar of your brand name, is unforgettable, distinguishes you from competitors, and also encourages brand loyalty. The logo is the basis used for the majority of your marketing tactics.

A strong logo design would be able to direct viewers to the core of the brand and be unforgettable at first encounter. There are also specifics that go into the creation of the logo. It takes a lot of analysis from the history of the company, its fundamental principles, and the actual product.

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Benefits of Logo Design

Brand Recognition

The logo is the first thing that people encounter and notice in a business and a brand. They say an image is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to branding, it fits right. Having a pleasant, convincing, and memorable logo will benefit the company to remain on people's minds. It helps a company to gain sustainability.

Help your Marketing

A logo plays a significant role in promoting the business. Brands make themselves recognizable by showing their logos in several ways. The scope to promote company products is insufficient, and you need to use it as well as possible. Using the logo would notify the customer who owns the product and where you can find it.

Internet Appeal

Building up a strong web identity is convenient to accomplish with a recognizable logo. No matter how unique and imaginative your website design is. It is your logo that will make your site stand out from the rest. It's the mark that's going to make it yours. Adding your logo to your email signature will also serve to provide more visibility.


Ensuring a sense of continuity is a long way to go towards improving your market image. Studies have found that consistency across all advertising outlets will raise your sales by up to 23%. A logo is an important aspect of this, as it lets you set a common type of baseline across various media platforms.


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Types of Logo Design


Wordmarks are typography-focused and typically concentrate on the name of a company or a brand. It is also the easiest solution, which is why many well-known brands have opted for wordmarks like Google, Facebook, Coca-Cola, and Disney. Wordmarks can be a useful way to make your logo clear and distinct. Typographical options are very significant in the absence of any pictorial elements. So make sure you select one that adequately reflects your business.

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The brandmark uses an emblem or sign with or without a company or brand name. Brandmark logos are popular for businesses of all sizes and sectors because icons are much more impressive and memorable than texts. A brandmark is the pictorial form of logo design that abandons text completely. Those icons say everything about a company to the user. For example, Apple's apple, Nike's swoosh, and Twitter's bird are all examples of iconic brand names.

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Letter Mark

Lettermark is a typography-based type of logo design. It is particularly designed for the company or brand's initials. For this reason, it is called a monogram. For example, IBM, NASA, and BBC. If your company's name is long or mouthful, you should certainly try using a lettermark logo design. Since it is only made of a limited number of letters, the lettermarks are often simple and legible, even if they are scaled down on a tablet or business card.

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Combination Mark

Yeah, that's better. Our final simple form of logo uses a brandmark adjacent to a wordmark or a lettermark. It is perhaps the most widely used, and well-known examples include Adidas, Mastercard, and Doritos. Possibly the best one, the combination logo provides the clarity of the typography and the aesthetic charm of the symbol. It delivers you a larger and more complex logo that you probably will not use as your profile picture on Facebook.

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Best Practice we Follow for Logo Design Services

  • Evaluate the Brand

    The first step in our logo design process is to understand everything the brand embodies and the business objectives. It is known as the phase of Client Discovery. There's no one-size-fits-all philosophy in the case of logo design. We believe that a logo should be just as good as it represents your business.

  • Research the Industry

    No brand exists in a vacuum. Every business has to comply with the expectations of the market, even though it does whatever it can to stand out. In this logo design process, our team examines the kind of logos your competitors, rivals, and market leaders are running. It is referred to as the Industry Discovery phase.

  • Sketch Several Logo Concepts

    Before we start ending in on our final logo plan, when we develop an idea or image of the logo, we start to pen down logo ideas in the form of sketches. Sketching is inexpensive, simple, and quick, but most importantly, it's a powerful brainstorming technique. It helps us discover elements for a logo that fits your brand.

  • Create Digital Draft

    Now that, we are ready with a crucial design plan, we start to visualize the logo design digitally. Digital drafts help in experimenting with colors, typography, and theme according to your brand's personality. We integrate variation and an overlay brand imagery. Our designing team modifies the logo in a better shape that is convincing to the customer.

  • Refine Logo with Feedback

    Our team of design experts delivers the digital mockup to you. At times, the final product might need some modification. There are chances that your perception might differ from our designers. Our expert team asks a follow-up question and uses the feedback for the logo to do that better. We trust in delivering you the 'value.'

  • Prepare & Deliver Final Logo Design

    After making changes in your logo design draft, we prepare another set of the final logo. When the logo is finalized, our team delivers you all the final files including the editable files and High-resolution raster files for the web, including PNGs with transparent backgrounds. We also help clients to use the logo in branding packaging and other projects.


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Why RaSu Creatives?

Copyright Transfer

When we deliver the final logo- design, our team transfers you all the file formats you'll need and a certificate of copyright transfer. This certificate proves that you own the copyright to the design. RaSu Creatives retain zero rights to your logo.

100% Unique Design

Our team of design specialists creates 100% original and unique logo designs for your business. We design the logo that fits your brand image and personality. To bring that authenticity, we conduct research methods on your business profile, and accordingly, our designers deliver the best results.

Permanent File Storage

Our team of experienced design experts keeps a permanent record of your logo projects in our file records for free. In case you lost your data having the logo copy, you don't need to worry about it. We have your back. Whenever in need, our design experts have the master file in our system records.

Post-Sales Support

Feel free to consult any time, even after the logo delivery. RaSu Creatives is 24*7 available to support your needs and query. Our team of design experts provides post-sales support to our clients. We make sure your new logo can make its way conveniently into the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

A strong logo is the key element of your brand identity. Your business needs a logo for your audience to easily identify your brand.

The cost required for a new logo is a matter of investment. Your audience will enduringly remember and recognize your brand with your logo. Hence, you must invest in a logo design wisely.

The ideal process of logo design at RaSu Creatives takes up to 15 days depending upon client specifications, level of analysis, and interactions needed.

Don't worry, we've got you covered. If you're not satisfied with the first set of designs, we schedule a conversation to figure out what's working and what else we require for this set of logos. In our experience, we hit the nail on the head with our second set of designs.

You will only own the copyrights of the finished logo. We hold zero rights on your logo, which means that you're free to use it anywhere you wish.

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