Importance of Digital Marketing in Post-COVID World

While everyone is struggling to find out how post-COVID marketplace would look like, no one is arguing about the growing digital landscape. During the COVID pandemic, the digital traffic spiked by 30%.from grocery to medical services to work, everything shifted online. Kids were attending online classes and parents working from home online will have an everlasting impact on industries. 

Internet users worldwide have grown to 4.5 billion users and this number is going to increase. Brands need to be agile and with more users interacting on online mediums, they are readily promoting themselves on online platforms. For every business and brand, it makes sense to advertise digitally to compete effectively. 

The digital world itself may seem complicated and then using it to market your brand can seem like a mammoth task. But there is no need to worry. You can use these four effective techniques to market your brand easily.

Re-access Channel Mix:

With Covid, we are seeing a lot of changes in traffic sources. Generally, traffic sources remain consistent throughout the year but COVID has changed it unexpectedly. You should drill down and check the sources of traffic and create a 4×4 matrix to analyze it. The elements of matrix include Specific channels increasing, Specific channels decreasing, Everything decreasing and Everything increasing. It is key to understand where you can source the traffic and where you need to put minimal effort as traffic is consistent from those sources. 

It is also worth to check the google trends and search query reports for any changes in the paid promotions that you are doing.

Update website messaging: 

It is the right time to show your customers that you care about them. If you are running a business then you need to update the main page of your website and give a powerful message. It should come as that you understand the current scenario and challenges that it present to your customer’s business. 

You should also tell that your services are now more than important and can state the value to your customers. Some of the companies have taken a step forward and decided to help the existing customers and converting prospects by giving discounts or giving additional services. Think about turning the tables to your side even in difficult times! 

Leverage your creativity in designing Campaigns: 

Brands have found a unique opportunity in the COVID crisis to strike a chord with their customers. They have become more personalized and have connected with them like never before by spreading goodwill and standing with them. Innovation has been cherished even long before its reason is gone.   

Make use of this time to infuse creativity in your social media campaigns. You can make a good name by making innovative posts, do affiliate, and influencer marketing, feature in opinion polls, quarantine challenges, and whatnot. Any post with a personal touch will make give you a top of the mind approach with your beloved customers. 

Redefine your Business Goals:

Covid is changing business landscapes. The strategies that you made earlier may now work now. We have seen it in the offline world, every grocer has now started delivering either through third parties or by themselves. Similarly, there is a big consumer shift in online touchpoints. 

You need to constantly ask relevant questions like: what do customers want now? What do they need to hear? Can my brand fulfill that need now? Are they hearing enough through our campaigns? Make it your center focus while defining your business goals. If you need to refocus on certain channels, now is the time for redistributing budget allocations and updating your marketing mix. 

In Closing:

There is saying in Wall Street, “the market will always bounce back.” These are no doubt tough times but only those brands have survived the test of time which are strong enough to persist by changing and innovating themselves consistently. Study and analyze the market and keep evolving and eventually, this time will also pass!

Importance of Digital Marketing in Post-COVID World

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