The Importance Of Creative Marketing

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The Importance Of Creative Marketing

Your brand is one of a kind.

But, your product might be ‘another one” to your audience.

When 10 similar products are kept in front of someone, they would either choose the one they already use or the one that they already know. For the second case, you need your brand to sink into the customer’s mind for them to distinguish and identify you.

This is where creatives enter the scene. They provide uniqueness to your brand image.

If you don’t already know much about what Creatives are and how they can assist your business, take a look.

What are Creatives?

Until and unless your product is an innovation, it’s not something that can be remembered. It needs to have a catchy element to it, in the form of text, images, logo, graphics, videos, audio, etc.

These elements get registered in the viewer’s mind and let them distinguish your brand among others. Creatives refer to these elements which are promotional tools used for advertising and marketing.

So, what is the purpose of creatives?

Besides being promotional tools, Creatives help your potential customers to connect better with you. If used properly, Creatives deliver the message and theme that your brand wants, to your audience. And the more the audience can connect with your brand, the easier it is for them to choose you amongst your competitors.

Brands often miss out on understanding that it is very important for your audience to clearly understand your brand’s message and values.

‘Creatives’ is a broad marketing term that refers to both the creative and content aspects of marketing. They are an indirect source of enhancing leads and eventually, sales. Creatives are frequently referred to as ad banners or other forms of generated advertising by ad agencies and buyers.

In short, you can say that Creatives are the promotional tools used by advertisers to draw in users.

What is Creative Marketing?

We won’t make it complicated for you.

In simple terms, creative marketing is marketing done with the help of mentioned creatives.

Thus, before introducing your product to the market, you introduce your brand and its theme. Businesses, and pretty much anyone selling anything, must continually think of unique methods to improve their creative marketing techniques to keep up with the unrelenting stream of digital technology.

Creative marketing is a combination of things. It’s a process of selling things using creative talent with visual appeal in the form of art, music, design, text, interior design, etc.

The most important types of creative marketing strategies are:

  • Content Marketing – Including video, blogging, podcasts, ebooks, and webinars.
  • Branding – Creating a coherent identity for your brand in terms of visuals, voice, and value.
  • Products and Services – It’s crucial to take a unique approach to positioning your offerings for your target market.
  • Customer Experiences – This applies equally to online and in-person customer and user experience.

For you to understand better, here’s an example of creative marketing.


Remember KitKat’s “Take a Break” campaign? It’s a classic example of how a simple tagline can get stuck in the customer’s mind and associate with your brand identity. Their tagline is short, catchy, and easy to remember. And most importantly, it resonates with the message and form that the product holds.

Here are some of the iconic branding through visual, voice, and value elements:

Visual – These are iconic visual elements that become a brand’s identity. The customers can recognize the brand by just seeing the visual creatives associated with them.

  1. Golden Arch of Mc Donald’s
  2. Apple’s bitten apple

Voice – When a brand uses an audio creative to distinguish itself. It can be a subtle sound or a noticeable voice. Example:

  1. Coca-Cola’s opening the bottle.

2. Mcdonald’s “I’m lovin’ it”

3. Netflix’s opening sound effect.

Value – Through value branding, people recognize you for the intent and value that your organization claims work with.

  1. Tata’s Value of Care
  2. The Nike brand values link back to their motivational tagline “Just do it”. It captures the company’s ideals of heroism and drive.
  3. The Lego brand values center around creativity, fun, and imagination. They also value “learning” opportunities created by their toys.

Why is it important for you?

Now, just like other marketing tools, creative marketing also needs investment and effort. So, is it really worth it? Is creative marketing actually important for you? Or, can you let it pass?

Creative marketing is important – not just for you, but for every brand. But how much of it you want to use depends on you. It’s important because it makes your brand and product identifiable. And every brand needs to create its unique identity to surpass its peers.

Here are a few of the reasons why creative marketing is important for you, regardless of the industry.

  • It Helps you to Stand Out –




The first and foremost purpose of creative marketing is to make your brand stand out. By using catchy, logical, and emotional creatives, you can register yourself in the customer’s mind and become distinguishable.

  •    Evoke the Emotional Feature –


emotional creative

Simply being creative is not enough for you to stand out. You need to connect with the viewers on an emotional level. Communicate your brand’s message and values to them. Let them understand and approve it. Once they are able to connect with your ‘brand’, it’ll be easier for you to introduce newer products to them and enhance your sales data.

  • Build Brand Recognition –


brand recognition

The application of your products and services can vary, but the message and belief of your brand always remain the same. Most customers pay attention to the message of the brand more than the individual products and services. Good creative cuts through the noise and highlights the core of your brand.

For example, if the structure of your offerings is simple and low profile, you can use creatives with a lighter and simpler theme.

  • Creativity equals originality –



Using Creatives gives you a head start that traditional marketing does not. With creatives, you bring in originality. People always want to experience newer things, especially with the constantly changing business environment where new trends are introduced every day. When you offer them something new and original, there’s a higher chance that they would want to learn more about your product.

  • Long Term Approach – Did you know that Kit Kat introduced its “take a break” slogan in 1958? Once the audience connects themselves to your brand, it gets associated with them for the long term. This also creates credibility for your brand and helps with product launches in the future.

Note that

Despite all the benefits, you must consider a few things while creative marketing.

  • Consistent Brand Colours and Identity:

Decide the colors that depict your business and its ethics. These colors will distinguish you from others and will create an interconnection between your products. People will recognize your brand’s identity with the brand colors.

  • Consistent Communication:

It’s important to stay in contact with your target audience. Communicate with them often. Give them updates regarding your brand and product line. This will make them feel attached to you.

  • Value Proposition:                You need to be honest with the audience. If you’re claiming to be unique and different from your competitors, you must clarify what distinguishes you from them. The customer should feel that they are receiving sufficient value for their investment.

Your Next Step…

Now that you have an idea about creative marketing and its importance, how will you induce it within your business?

You can start by stating your message clearly to yourself and then choosing the medium of your creative marketing. For example, text, slogan, audio, video, graphics, etc. If you’re opting for graphical creative marketing, it’s recommended to take assistance from someone experienced in the field for proper utilization of your resources and execution of the marketing strategy.

In case you have any further queries about creative marketing, we’re always there for you. Leave a message in the comment box or contact us directly.

Anyways, let us know your thoughts and check out other related topics!